Thursday, March 14, 2013

Siege Mentality

Wind like an army, banging at every door.

Demanding to get inside

Right now

Barging in through every crevice, finding each and all with its sniffing, searching, pointy, hard nose.

I thought I had this place buttoned up pretty good for winter.

Guess not.

I suppose it's to be expected in March, but the house was cold all night.

Spent much of the day yesterday checking in with Liz as she traveled up and down the state milk inspecting. If she hadn't changed her plans she would have been right in the area where the shootings took place. As it was rumors flew faster than her jeep.

I kept her apprised of them.

I guess there is still a standoff up there in Herkimer where a man shot six people who were innocently going about their business. One of them had the same last name as I grew up with, though we didn't know him. Friends from service groups and cow shows were under lockdown and tweeting and posting about it. Brought it a lot closer than the forty miles or so that is really is from here.

It is hard to understand why things have suddenly gone crazy here in Upstate NY.

Deadly traffic accidents virtually daily all over the region. Huge tragedies becoming commonplace. Murder and mayhem running amok in the streets, almost to much to keep track of.

Don't blame guns or buses or fast cars with big engines. Our society is broken and the government isn't  going to be stopping by to fix it even if they tell you that they are.


Rev. Paul said...

Government can't fix it, no matter how many draconian/nanny-state laws they pass.

I love your description of the winds, but sorry to hear about the drafts.

Anonymous said...

The inmates have taken charge of the sanitarium.

Terry and Linda said...

I'm so glad your daughter is okay! You are right about what is broken...and I'm afraid of how it must be fixed.


Cathy said...

That line about the wind as a sniffing, pointy, hard nose. Wow. I gotta say it again. Your metaphors are so completely original and so right.

How I wish I had a optimistic retort to your statement about our broken society.

I keep thinking that there must be a man (yes, I said man) who could unite and inspire Americans and truly appeal to the "better angels of our nature," and not by accruing political advantage by dividing us into warring classes and factions.

lisa said...

That wind was wicked today that is for sure. The shooting was a little too close to home this time! I can't believe all the accidents happening either!

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, you are so right, but they sure want to. Thanks

Jan,you betcha! Scary isn't it?

Linda, she ended up being pretty far from all that went on, but I still worried...

Cathy, thanks. I think there must be such a man somewhere. I also think a good part of the problem is the press, crucifying even the best of candidates on the flimsiest of premises. I mean Obummer ATE dogs while Romney carried one in a perfectly acceptable car top carrier. Who got hammered? Who has a past clean enough to withstand that kind of scrutiny and bias?

WeldrBrat said...

It's happening everywhere, Hon. It's as if a very complex effort of ' weeding out the garden ' is taking place.

Horrible and irresponsible (yes, there is a difference) are being exposed and brought to the end of their being; sometimes, at the expense of innocent angels, which seem to be God's choice moments for bringing them home to join his Army of Angels.

We must remember... the more of us that come to Christ... the more population of Angels are needed for being there to protect us. But most importantly, it is up to us to do the asking for that protection... and then, trusting.

Cathy said...

You are absolutely right. Don't get me started on the dereliction of duty of the MSM.