Saturday, March 02, 2013

Some Things Age Well

Gratuitous wild iris shoot out on the garden pond

Tippy, but intrepid, a true border collie

In dire need of a face lift

Others Not so Much

Nick is thin and tippy, but on his good days he eats ravenously and is even kinda jaunty in his trotting. Pumpkins don't fare quite as well, but then we make them fend for themselves out in the cold. I'll bet with a bit of Botox and collagen and a warm hearth near which to sleep, they would look as young as ever.

Or maybe not.

Thought I saw a tinge of green out on the hills recently. Must have been hallucinating because today it is as brown and dreary as ever. We are waiting on that green pretty eagerly these days. Once the grass comes in we can stop buying hay and worrying about our hay guy running out and get on with other things.

Started to start tomatoes yesterday and realized that I didn't have a single tomato seed left in the big dog biscuit tin in which I store garden seeds. Whats up with that I wonder. I always have at least something. Anyhow, I started a couple of neck pumpkins instead. No sense in wasting all that work getting the pot ready.


Cathy said...

Pumpkins . . tomatoes. . . it's putting seed in soft soil that we need right now. Ya did good.

As for that aging thing. I fear those pumpkins are beyond botox's benefits.

And as for dear Nick . . awwwww ....bless everybody whose heart trots along beside him.

threecollie said...

cathy, it has turned off sharp and sure is hard to wait for the first sign of....something....anything.

Terry and Linda said...

Very cold here and cloudy. The dogs and I are tired of this winter, but maybe there is snow in the mountains.

But no matter, it is still MARCH and this just can't last forever more.

What a sweet looking dog..he is thin, but like you say he is out there doing stuff.