Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Sweet, Gentle, Bossy Cows


Rev. Paul said...

Nice pics - takes me back to my boyhood summers on Grandpa's farm in the Ozarks.

Susan said...

So, is the brown cow the winner? It looks like she's saying, "...and don't EVER do that again!!!"


Cathy said...

Fascinating. Just like people . . but not as subtle :)

ellie k said...

This is something that came from my childhood and a great memory from my Mother. For Easter she always put boiled, peeled eggs in beets with juice, the eggs turned a nice purple and looked like Easter eggs, I loved this special touch each year.

Terry and Linda said...

Doesn't that just remind you how people act...shish!


threecollie said...

REv. Paul, thanks. And thank you so much for your contribution to this week's Farm Side. It was really fun to write, what with all the good help I had

Susan, actually Rosie lost that go round. Cevin is a big girl! However, before the game was up Rosie had a wide place at the feeder and was eating hay like it was her job.

Cathy, kinda like a playground with hooves.

Ellie K, great one! I had already submitted my column, but I will save it for a future effort. Thank you!

Linda, especially boys! lol