Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Best Obituary Ever

I had been thinking about writing about the misery and idiocy that is our twice annual time change for a couple of weeks. As farmers who do the exact same thing at the exact same time every day, week in and week out, we really suffer each year...both directions.

Then Mike Huckabee shared the obituary of Harry Stamps of Long Beach, Mississippi, on Facebook one morning. It is perhaps the best obituary ever, written by the good gentleman's daughters who obviously loved all that he was. As such things sometimes do today it went viral almost instantly.

It seemed to offer the perfect kick off and finishing punch for a column containing some facts and figures on the havoc wreaked by messing around with the circadian rhythms and sleep patterns of already stressed and weary folks. If you care to Google around, you will see that heart attacks, work-related injuries, car accidents, and even suicides spike on the days immediately following our spring forward nonsense.

I hope you will read it and spare a thought for Mr. Harry Weathersby Stamps and the family who loved him.

Perhaps you will also let the powers that be know that America is tired of such pointless meddling in our lives. After all, Daylight Savings, and Standard times are supposedly swapped around to save energy.

With the sun so scarce and attenuated in the winter, everybody turns the lights on let's save lives and health and stop the nonsense. Give Congress something productive to do, such as repealing the time change.


Rev. Paul said...

Apart from the pointless change (which has been proven to save little energy, if any, as people turn on more lights in the morning, even if evenings are light longer) ... we passed OUR equinox last Sunday, and will shortly have 23 hours of daylight for much of the summer. Exactly what "daylight" are we saving?

Cathy said...


Just as my old body notices the sun coming up earlier . .BAM.
Daylight Savings shuts it down.

I haven't felt right since that dratted Saturday 'race-around-reset-the-clocks' thing.

R.I.P Mr. Stamps. And here's hoping eternal heaven is on Standard Time - eternally.

Terry and Linda said...

HEAR HEAR!!! Well said! I so agree!


Anonymous said...

I think long ago the politicians figured if they could make us change time twice a year, they could make us do anything. I'd vote for anyone who would do away with it.