Thursday, March 21, 2013

Well at Least it's Pretty

This time last year we were building fence, swatting bugs and sweating. It was beautiful  We gloried in it.

This year, well, not so much. However, it is pretty.

The birds are indomitable. Went out into the lovely 7.6 degree dawn, and there among the frosty branches, ice covered walkways, and steaming chimneys were lots of them, great flocks of red-winged blackbirds and grackles, stray robins looking as if they were on fire in the brightness of the sun.

Chickadees whistling their summer song. was too cold to linger, but it sure was pretty. 

In a miserable nuisance kind of way.


Cathy said...

That last picture . . . that ball of fire . .

I'm watching it every morning.
Marking which trees it's coming up through as it clears the horizon.

Trying to do my own Druid Stonehenge thing.

This longing for light and warmth makes us pay attention.

Terry and Linda said...

You are right it is beautiful...but enough is enough, already!


threecollie said...

cathy, it appears that spring isn't going to grace us with its presence for a while yet. But our hay guy....whom we only met last year when we started buying hay from so concerned about our survival that he is buying a group of beef calves from us so we can afford to buy hay. And he even found some for us, as he doesn't have enough to take us through and is helping us get it home. Says we are his best customers, but, really it is more than that. A ray of that bright sunlight shining through the general gloom!

Linda, you betcha. The only upside I can see is that it may lower the tick population and I think the maple guys must be having a fantastic run. Perfect weather for it with these ice cold nights and above freezing days.