Tuesday, April 02, 2013

April Foolishness

Rollicking robins, wayfaring woodcocks, a last, late, heron pumping east at sunset. 

Crocuses blooming all purply splendid, right next to the back step at morning.

A small, yellow sunrise, subtle, but nice, and then suddenly.....

Morning barn check, see the Betty, overdue by four days, is there a calf yet?

No, but I think today's the day, clean her stall, fill 'er up with some baled hay, bed her down real good.

And walk back to the house in snow so thick it clogs the throat and chokes off each deep hurry-up breath.

What is up with this anyhow? Isn't it April?


Anonymous said...

I'm sending warm thoughts your way, but they seem to not get there.

Cathy said...

" . . snow so thick it clogs the throat and chokes off each deep hurry-up breath."

No way. NO WAY! Can't hear it. Won't hear. Uh,Uh. NO Way.

(My subtle way of saying: ENOUGH.)

Cathy said...

P.S. Awwwww . . . and look at those starving starlings with their heads buried in the sumac.

Rev. Paul said...

Sunny & above freezing with lots of melting going on. That's as good as "spring" gets, up here.

Terry and Linda said...

Yuck! You have spring bulbs and then WINTER! UGH!


Linda said...

The fickleness of spring ;)

threecollie said...

Jan, when spring finally arrives we will surely be ready for it!

Cathy, it was nasty. I couldn't believe it when I got up and the ground was covered with white. We are so ready to get at the fences!

Rev. Paul, you must see some really interesting sights as the thaw progresses!

Linda, and wind! You would think we were out in the wild, wild west!

Linda, lots and lots of fickle going on. lol