Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Buenas 'Notches'

Seriously, the sun seems to rise in a different notch in the eastern horizon every morning.

That noticeable migration to the north, that coming closer to our address, with all that it will bring, is most welcome as I sneak out on the porch to watch it come up each day.

This morning a chickadee flash mob put on a stirring performance, with softly whistled "dee, dee, dee" emanating from bush and tree all around me.

We have a lot of them this favorite birds and even more welcome.


Cathy said...

In February I have a spot in the window where I perch in the morning to watch the sun clear my neighbors' roof tops. I have to switch chairs now that's it's moved so far north. Ahhhh . . . Spring! :)

Caroline said...

1st day of winter sun rises over a point of land to our east. It has scooted itself north a notch every morning and now it is between my two big pine trees right out the kitchen window. 1st day of summer it will be coming in the north windows of our bedroom. Kind of like a giant sundial.

Anonymous said...

"chickadee flash mob"...brilliant figure of speech.

Terry and Linda said...

Lovely! All the birds returning north have been horribly sorry here. The wind is miserable, what blooms we had are froze and the cold has everything and everyone hunkered down.

I'm very tired of winter.


threecollie said...

Cathy, I am so enjoying the march northward.

Caroline, exactly! I love it!

Jan, why thank you. It really seemed like one, with one bird starting it, then at least nine or ten others chiming in all around me. They must sleep widely scattered. It was delightful!

Linda, I have been feeling so bad for you about the weather. This is just the winter that won't quit and the spring that won't stay.