Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eastern Towhee

His name has changed since I last saw him..it was rufous-sided towhee then. And I was in my teens or early twenties and working at a veterinarian's office in another county.

Having him show up at the feeder today was a thrill and a half. Not a lifer, but I will settle for second-time-in-the-lifer quite happily. 

He was really tame and hung around for quite a while. A real ooh-ahh bird for me.


Terry and Linda said...

For me too! I have never seen one so this is really cool!


NumberWise said...

Wow! I had seen a photo of a towhee that someone from western NY had posted, and I thought the same thing - I've seen them before, but not for decades. That's exciting!

Cathy said...

Lucky ducky! I feel blessed to merely hear these birds a couple times a year.

Ed said...

Great shots..:-)

threecollie said...

Linda, he was back yesterday! Awful tame though. I hope he survives and brings friends.

NW, wish you could see him....wait if you have time, stop down. Just give us a call and the boss will come get you. He has been hanging around mid to late morning. Coolest thing in years.

Cathy, I feel privileged. First towhee since I was still driving my first car...which was actually a pick up truck. lol

Ed, thanks!