Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday on the Links

I think Senator Gillibrand's dairy proposals have about as much chance of becoming part of the Farm Bill as a snow ball does of being annealed into a diamond in a glass-blower's furnace, but they would go a long way toward saving NY's dairy farms. 

Someone said nine cows equal one job here in our state. If you think about all the implement dealers, feed mills, repair shops, farm stores, veterinarians, consultants, truck dealers and all sorts of other businesses that rely at least in part on farms for their livelihoods, it sure makes sense. 

A lot more sense than giving broadband companies tax breaks to extend Internet to regions that don't have it,as some are proposing as if it would solve all our financial problems in one swoop. Not that you don't need the Net in today's world, but giving folks access won't put milk in their cereal bowls.

This article in Farm Shine details those proposals as well as any I have read. Now if the senator can just work on those snowballs without melting them. However, she is up against some pretty big opposition, such as NMPF so I don't expect much more than steam to emerge from this.

And then there is this blog post from a man whom I was fortunate enough to meet and admire quite a lot......about where our world seems to be headed.... he is a smart man and I sure respect the way he thinks.

That is pretty much all for now. The weather is so miserable we fed all the cows a whole extra feeding of hay last night even though it is short and hard to come by. 

It was very satisfying to do so. They came in from the yard, cold, dripping wet, and kind of grumpy and miserable. After they tucked into their late day second breakfast, the whole barn warmed up, the water steamed out of their coats, and we were comforted to see them so comfortable.

When the boss went over for early morning barn check they didn't even bother to get up to greet him.


joated said...

Read the two articles you linked and they were interesting, to say the least.

As for this: "When the boss went over for early morning barn check they didn't even bother to get up to greet him." Maybe they have the radio in the barn on and heard the weather report. I didn't want to get out of bed go out either. ;-)

Cathy said...

Awwww . . . love the first picture and then loved the one you made with words: the cows at barn check . . so comfortable they didn't even stir.

Now. As for this: " . . .if the official form and record of the check was used for voter ID."

It's just so dark.

And it sure as He** doesn't help that the weather is so cra**y.

Rant over. Hang in there. Better days hopefully coming.

lisa said...

The weather sure was horrible today, I had to drive in sleet this afternoon after college. Yuck

Terry and Linda said...

I really do not understand why people don't get that MILK must be fresh and local and real to be MILK!!! Not any of that nut milk or other stuff, but real milk from DAIRY's....sorry I'm really tired of kick the dairy farmer.


threecollie said...

Joated, you could very well be right. lol

Cathy, these are dark times. I think our ancestors a generation or two back would well recognize them. Will people never learn? No, I suppose as long as history is changed, diluted, made irrelevant, they never will. And so we will all have to learn again-the hard way.

Linda, soy "milk" did real bad stuff to my mother. But you will never hear them warning you of the phytoestrogens it contains...