Friday, April 26, 2013

Good News, Bad News

Word is that CIPSA was rejected by the Senate. I surely hope so. Our personal privacy is already melting away, along with our right to even think without government interference or the protections of law. 

If those in power spent more time looking at obvious threats and less time monitoring little old ladies, we might all be safer. However, you know that such concepts are not PC....

I'm kinda dreading Saturday. The girls and I are in charge of everything for about twelve hours while the boss sells stuff at the auction. 

It is a big day for him and a hard day for us. And of course the milk gets picked up that day so we have to get the tanker in through all the gates and all the cows. And back out. And wash the tank with his complicated new system. Ack!

We also have to watch out for certain individuals who know he is gone and have in the past chosen big auction day to stop by and help themselves to tools and such.Yeah, even in rural communities there are a few folks like that. And even if you know who they are you have to catch them before you can do anything about them. If it wasn't tanker day I'd padlock the gates....and in fact, as soon as the truck leaves we will do that. And even then they sometimes come down from the back on 4-wheelers.

Meanwhile, I guess we'll have to rely on the dog.

Oh, and Cornell's Team Sapsucker set a new Big Day record yesterday. 294 species I believe. I had a great time checking on their progress between chores. Oh, the birds they saw and heard and counted. 

And check this out. Bahama Woodstar in Pennsylvania. Here I was all excited about a towhee.


Cathy said...

"We also have to watch out for certain individuals who know he is gone and have in the past chosen big auction day to stop and help to tools and such." Do they know that you know who they are? Just reading this makes my BP spike.

Sure hope Saturday goes OK.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Stay safe on Saturday! Same here, especially on a funeral day.

Two weeks ago, someone switched our padlock on our far gate, so from the road it "looked" like the gate was locked, until I saw a friend's antique Caterpillar going down the road (it was stored in our woods a 1/4 mile from the road.)Of course, the cops could not come out, since it wasn't in progress. Long story short, we left their padlock on and caught the next load before it came out. They were locked in all safe and sound and we called the cops, this time they came out. The fellas were sophisticated and bold, full utility box with every tool imaginable and a trailer complete with winch! And felons to boot. The Cat owner found his equipment at the scrap yard before it went through the shear. We have no doubt we'll see more of this :(

Sending good thought for your Saturday!

Ericka said...

ah boy, i hope saturday goes well - for all of you!

Cathy said...

I just read Throwback's comment and am now totally freaked.

Terry and Linda said...

Boy do we understand about thief from so called friends...we lost several car parts to a good friend and neighbor, then the other neighbor slipped up and stole Terry's great grandfather Winchester. Sucks.


threecollie said...

Cathy, there are a couple of men around here who simply have no shame. If they can steal they do. I have actually seen one of them decamping through our barnyard on auction day a few years ago. Don't think he got anything, but dang. And then Friday some creepers showed up at the house....parked right behind my car!!! And took off, driving right over our septic tank when they saw me. I was really nervous all day Saturday, I'll tell you.

Nita, wow! Clever that you were patient enough to catch them! We have the very dregs of NYC moving in and out of this and neighboring counties to deal drugs and mayhem, plus the interstate well under a mile from us, so we simply never know who we will find. Really scares me. When Nick passes I am getting me another, hopefully fierce dog.

Linda, one of the worst we have dealt with around here was once a friend. Not so much any more.

Cathy said...


We had break-in's in our neighborhood two winters ago.

I'm in denial.

Actually considered an alarm system . . . but if you're trying to protect a large acreage such as yours . .

I can imagine the frustration . . and fear.

threecollie said...

Cathy, people keep telling us, do this, do that, but we really are fairly helpless...lucky if we can keep the house safe, let alone half a dozen buildings, stuff in the fields, etc. Someone was probably in the barn Saturday, back door was open when we went in to milk and closed when we left in the morning. So far nothing missing that we see. Could have been our scrap guy who was looking at some stuff. Could have been the wind. Could have been....almost anyone. The stories Beck hears at work..