Saturday, April 20, 2013


We got 'em.


Daffodils too-Ice Follies, my favorite. We have lots of those because I naturalized them when we moved up here. I see also on my morning checking-things-out walk that I didn't get all the lily-flowered tulips moved last summer.

And rodents of some stripe ate the center out of my rhubarb bed. If we have time and gumption this summer we are going to clone it so to speak and start another one.


Rev. Paul said...

And with that, you have 100% more greenery than we, with our snow not melting nearly fast enough.

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, wishing you spring and thanking you for the ice cream, which was delightful.

Terry and Linda said...

My eyes are feasting our your lovely green. So much of ours was frozen and lays dead and ugly. But today is good so I am hopeful for more green here is another format!


Cathy said...

We had a touch of snow on our daffodils, too - but they're hanging in there. Love them the most of spring flowers.