Friday, April 19, 2013

Murphy's Morning

Freshly showered, clean set of work clothes, up extra-early to get the book work out of the way so I could help with outdoor work.

Which is endlessly more fun than bookkeeping....

Liz came in real early so she could get on the road for her job as early as possible and went over to feed the  calves.

Phone rings. Asaki and Foolish are loose in the barn, everything is a godawful mess and Lucky won't get up.

So much for early.. and so much for clean

By the time Lucky was on her feet and outdoors...she is okay, just kind of sore from those two monsters beating up on her...and the manger was shoveled out...and everybody was milked, bedded, turned out, fed, etc. etc. clean anything was a dim memory in the rear view mirror of farming.

Ah, well, who cares about smelling or looking good anyhow? Not going anywhere but out to the field to fix fence....


Rev. Paul said...

Not for the faint of heart; my respect for farmers is immense.

Cathy said...

Ditto what Rev. Paul said.
AND . . I love that picture.
So sweet. Mourning doves are one of my favs.

Terry and Linda said...

I understand feels so good to feel fresh and clean and then, one hour later...feels like normal. Then with fixing the can add in sweat!


threecollie said...

Rev. Paul it sure can be frustrating when you are expecting to just rush through the chores so you can get at other jobs and you instead have to fix up a mess like that. Tempers sure get frayed.

Linda, you betcha. We were all a mess by the end of yesterday. I even smelled like cows to myself. good thing I didn't go to the bank. lol

Linda said...

Lol I've almost become suspicious of putting clean clothes on in the morning....seems like if I go out dirty I don't add too it but the clean ones attract twice as much and it's almost always of the wet variety :(