Monday, April 29, 2013

Plumb Wore Out

All froggies, great and small

From having fun. I got up early and milked with the boss so he could get a little rest yesterday. Long day for him Saturday selling at the auction.

A couple of young Amishmen with really HOT horses!
 Liz says the front one is a saddlebred and the back one  a Morgan. Those boys were leaning right back on the handholds on the reins keeping them from flying! Gave me cold chills to see them
Then our boy, who ran home (from Virginia) for a few hours invited me to go out to breakfast. What a time we had. Stopped to see the family too. Brought home some gold fish and hop roots, which I must get planted promptly.

Soon as we got home the boss wanted to make our annual pilgrimage to Fiery Hill where his mother grew up.

Not much left of the old farm now, but it is good to go there. He is trying to keep the memories of where the fields and woods were, even though he wasn't born yet when his grandpa died. 

On the way home we stopped and visited the kids and their horses and stayed a few minutes at Jade's grandparents' house. We saw lots of amazingly cool stuff. Everybody we visited had spectacular birds around their yards plus about fifteen frogs in Matt and Lisa's garden pond.

Tree swallow
By the end of night chores I was ready for a nap. Not used to all that running around! 

Eastern Blue Bird

Liz's gelding, Sunny, sunny side up

Jade 'n' Beau, his Percheron


Terry and Linda said...

Boy I understand that plumb wore out statement. I enjoyed your trip, made me feel refreshed again.


Cathy said...

Good to see Jade's doing OK.

Now, those cold chills. Is that because the horses are such quality animals . . . or because you feared you'd witness and accident ?

threecollie said...

Linda, it was a good, we had a lot of fun

Cathy, yes, he still has some stuff but he is much improved and working hard to make up for lost time. The cold chills were because of the staggering beauty of the pair, all that wild, raw power, harnessed and tamped down, but ready to fly. Seeing them made my day.

Cathy said...

Ah! I do understand.