Monday, April 15, 2013

Pretty plus Frosty

Unfamiliar phenomenon on eastern horizon


Or snowing either. 

There is something kinda orangish showing over the eastern horizon. Having not seen it in a while I am hesitant to pass judgement, but it looks familiar in a vague, long-time-gone sort of way. I feel as if I like it.

It did freeze last night though.

Meanwhile things are as they are. After a whirlwind trip home to see a certain special someone, with short, but welcome detours to say hi to the family, the boy is back in Washington building that museum again. He had a close call, when a full-sized turkey flew right over the hood of his car, missing his windshield by the margin of less than half a tail feather. 


My little Coral appears to have joint ill, which if you do a quick search, you will find is real bad news. The boss started her on a course of antibiotics, which may do the trick.

Sometimes you wonder though. I treated her navel with strong iodine twice right after her birth. I change her bedding every morning. She is bright and lively and happy as a clam in mud. Maybe it is just an injury but we don't dare take a chance.

After his adventures with being stepped on by Rosy, the yellow kitty, Flotsam, appears to have had a fatal encounter with an owl. There is one around, and when we found him the signs indicated sharp claws and a dropping from on high. On one hand we are saddened by his passing. He was cute and liked to play with strings. On the other hand he never got over lying down right in front of cows, so if it hadn't been the owl it would have been a cow, sooner or later.

Hopefully the rain will hold off for a while so we can get some fence built. The grass isn't ready to graze yet, but at least it is going in the right direction. And the daffodils are shouldering their way out of the ground next to the house......


June said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the little yellow kitty. I was rooting for him, but you can't fight Darwin's law, though, can you?
Your pictures are beautiful, if unbelievable.... :-(

joated said...

What June said. Flotsam seems to have been floating through the sea of life without a compass. Sorry he got taken, however.

Glad the turkey and windshield didn't meet!

Hope Coral doesn't get so used to your doctoring/babying that she gets all hypochodriatic.

Lovely pictures. Lotsa beautiful colors!

Anonymous said...

Daffodils cure a lot of winter blahs, I've found.

Rev. Paul said...

We take encouragement from pics of Spring on others' blogs ... that's as close as we get, right now.

Cathy said...

Gorgeous sunrises . . .
Sorry about the troubles with
Coral and Flotsam.
Spring. It should go easier on us.

threecollie said...

June, it was a shame, but you have the right of it with the Darwin comment. He was just dumb. And thanks, they aren't even edited, except maybe a little cropping. It was a dazzling sunrise and I went out to photograph it before I even took the dog out.

Joated, thanks, Coral seems a tad better...

Jan, they do! And the crocuses are blooming and the squill. I am full of gratitude.

Rev. Paul, I feel sad for your spring deprivation situation. Hope when it finally arrives it is worth the wait.

Cathy, well said, and even rather prophetic.