Tuesday, April 23, 2013


On the fencing. First a really big mess of rain over several days...terribly wet! And then on Saturday, when we had a big day planned, the agitator on the bulk tank died.

Thankfully the boss was able to get a new motor and fix it himself, turning what would have been at least a $1500 bill to one about a fifth that. Didn't get any fence built though. 

Had to dump a few hundred pounds of milk, but our milk inspector says the cooperative will pay us for it anyhow. Sure hope so.

Not gonna get far today either, because the boss has to go to a meeting about his aunt. And we need to ship a cow.

Saturday is the big auction over in Sprout Brook. Get on over there if you want to hear the boss auctioneering. He is nothing if not entertaining, what with fishnets and hookers and all. And they sell a LOT of cool stuff!

Any readers had any experience with selling milk to the new yogurt factories? I am working on a column and sure could use some input from you. Email threecollieATgmailDOTcom or leave a note in the comments if you would please. I am wondering if there are folks seeing better milk checks because of this new market, or if things are unchanged across the board as they are for us. Thanks!

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