Monday, April 15, 2013

Terrorists Among Us

Went up to sign and pay our taxes with the world more or less at peace....other than the whole paying taxes thing..... Returned home to the news about the explosions at the Boston Marathon. 

How sickening and horrible. Prayers for those in the way of the danger and shame on those who would perpetrate such crimes. I am sure many of you reading this have friends in Boston or know people who were running in the race.......special thoughts and prayers for the men and women who run toward danger at times like this...emergency medical personnel, police, fire fighters.....

Here is a link to live stream coverage of this horror


Terry and Linda said...

I was listening to the Fox and suddenly there is was...two bombs timed just right for the large majority of runners....My heart breaks for all involved!


Cathy said...

Words fail.

I have to remind myself of the good that surrounds us . .

threecollie said...

Linda, we were just griping about ending up paying a lot more in taxes than we figure to, and then....and then...that didn't seem to matter quite as much

Cathy, they do, they really do