Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Dance of the Sugar Plum

Barn coats.

Do se do your partners all, it's a sunny day and warm til fall. 

Reach in that pile on the dining room chair.

Grab up a barn coat or maybe a pair

Promenade to the washer fair

Heave 'em in and keep them there

Pass 'em through the dryer too

Wash 'em, dry 'em, tuck 'em up square

Next comes a cold, snow-drilling day....up they rise, off they sashay  

Swing your partner...maybe with a noose....wash 'em again the next warm day.

Lather, rinse repeat, all spring.

And allemande left your corners

Keep right at it at least until June. Dry them coats by the light of the moon

Grand right and left, back into the pile, swing to the washer, wave on the line, 

And back to the barn again, don't you whine.

Come fair June to the calendar wheel, gather ye sweatshirts from the field 

And wash them  beggars til they squeal.

Then come those cool, dark, August nights, out they pop to dance a reel.


NumberWise said...

That's really clever and funny! It's true, of course, but for today we'll just enjoy the ditty.

When do you hang your hummingbird feeder? Is the towhee still there?

Cathy said...

You've got my 4H feet twitch'n :)
Think of the calories you're burning just dressing and undressing as you wait for "reel" spring.

ellie k said...

Just glanced at the title and thought it said barn cats, when I started to read I thought this is really weird and then went back to the title.I had to laugh, thanks for giving me a smile today.

Linda said...

Love it......I put away all our winter barn coats today.....just hope it don't bite me in the butt.

Terry and Linda said...

Excellent! I've put away our heavy coats, but we still have the sweatshirt with the hood and another jacket on top for the early morning run to ditch.


threecollie said...

NW, it is indeed all too true. I really don't mind laundry though, it just struck me funny as I started on the always-futile job of getting the coats and blankets washed and put away for our all too short summer

Cathy, oh, yeah! I love the days of shorts and thin shirts and hate the seventeen layers of winter.

Ellie, lol, same thing happens to me all the time. Sometimes what the brain sees is much funnier than what the author wrote.

Linda, spring is such a teasing little tramp around here, I can't even put away the heaviest duck coats. Doesn't stop me from trying though. lol

LInda, as I said to Linda P, it will be a while yet here. I at least washed a couple of piles...maybe one or two of them will stay put away for a bit, but we usually have to use the heat a little right into June.