Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tincture of Morning

If only a morning like this could be applied to the evil in the world, like a soothing balm, smoothing out its troubles, easing pain and sorrow like a mother's hand on a fevered forehead.

Here, take a little robin, with your jelly and toast; hear him singing? See that breast as bright as flaming cinnamon, spotlighted radiant by the dawn, way up there in the honey locust tree? Can't you see him?

He didn't have to be that beautiful. He could have been as drab as mud and sounded like a rusty gate hinge. He could have been designed to live underground in a tunnel like a mole, never seen or heard by us up here. Instead he is as glorious as he is commonplace and free for you to use to fix whatever is broken in your heart and mind, any time you choose to do so.

See the way that light rests soft against the hill there, draped in a mantel of gold and silver, lying on the green like a flag of glory?

See that? We didn't have to have that. We could have lived our lives shrouded in the dim and dark and never known light like that; Instead it is there, free for anyone who needs the mending and remaking, the rebuilding of their soul.

But no, I guess you didn't ever see any of that, or hear it, or ever know any of the other wonders laid out for everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. You didn't see the beauty of the people that you ruined, their loves, their lives, their glory and joy in the world. Instead I guess you just turned inside and found something ugly and nourished that which you use as a spirit on what lurked there waiting to kill and maim and hate.

How sad and shameful.


Cathy said...

Your indictment flames in my heart. Let us not shrink from the word "Evil." You named it. Now let's listen to the nattering heads in Washington and across this great land . . let us measure our ability to name that which would maim and smother every word of balm you lifted into this morning of mourning.

NumberWise said...

Thank you for this lovely post. Each day I'm sorely troubled by the evil in this world. I agree with Cathy that we need to name it, just as we need to lift up and share your robin's beauty.

Anonymous said...

Well said!! Thank you!

Rev. Paul said...

What Cathy said. We've become so politically correct that we must now lie in order not to "offend".

The heck with that.

It's evil. It's an act of terror from an evil person, or persons. And there's no excuse for it; neither should there be any mercy for those who did it.

lisa said...

The way you have with words still amazes me! Well, said.

Terry and Linda said...



Jeffro said...

Aaaahhh, so bittersweet! Well done!

Cathy said...

I have a pediatrician friend who visits and enjoys your website. Her's is a very busy schedule and she doesn't leave comments.

Like all of your readers, she found this lament . . . this indictment. . . . profoundly beautiful and touching.

Linda said...

Well said...very well said!

threecollie said...

Cathy, it took me a while to get around to answering this set of comments...just too depressed by this whole affair. Evil names it well. As events unfold today-Friday-and the identities of these monsters are revealed it becomes even more worrisome.

NW, we need to get beyond political correctness and call it what it is, where it is. There is no value in pretending that the kind of culture that spawns this kind of thing is normal. Whether it is national culture, religious culture, or just the culture within an individual family, if it is broken, calling it some nice soft name will not fix it.

Seth, thank you!

Rev. Paul, time to stop making excuses for monsters. Doesn't matter how they grew up; there are always plenty of others who faced worse and overcame.

Lisa, thank you dear

Linda, thanks!

Jeffro, thank you sir

Cathy, if you would be kind enough to thank her for taking time to visit I would be most grateful...