Thursday, April 25, 2013

To Call That Rain

Would require a master of understatement. We retired to a peaceful, if somewhat threatening sky last night. It was warm...warm enough that fence posts and other objects were brightly decorated with jackets and sweatshirts all day, as we and the men here scrapping, adjusted to the weather.

At 11 PM wind-hurled, horizontal, crashing, thundering, raging, out-of-control rain hit the bedroom windows and shook the walls. This house is old, the glass is thin and fragile, and we both lay awake for a while wondering if they would hold up to the onslaught.

"Did anybody shut the barn door?" I asked. For the first time this year it was wide open to warm spring breezes all through milking last night.

"Yeah, I went back and shut it before I came in," he replied.

I checked my phone to see if there was any maybe a tornado watch or something.

Nothing, so we fell back to sleep listening to the insane symphony of the storm. Beethoven it wasn't. (Remember that meme that went around a while back about how to wash a cat. Yeah, that was how it sounded.)

This morning it is back the good ol' cold and cloudy. We are hoping we gathered in all those shirts and jackets yesterday because we are sure gonna need 'em.

***If you are a birder, Cornell's Team Sapsucker is doing their Big Day down in Texas today, trying to break their own record. You can follow them on EBird on Facebook or Twitter. They have already picked up an impressive assortment of night birds. I wish them the best!


joated said...

It was a wild one, all right. We were on the south end of the front that swept through and got lashed pretty good. Miraculously, there don't seem to have been any power outages in the area.

You know that Towhee you saw a couple of days ago? One showed up here yesterday morning. Suddenly I'm waking up with a strange craving for a cuppa tea instead of coffee. He's a loud bugger so I can't say it's subliminal when he shouts out, "Drink yer tea!"

Cathy said...

Like Joated, at the local park yesterday,I heard my first towhee. Icy rain pelted my windshield. Sounds like I got off easy compared to that nightmare storm at your place.
PS. I need to familiarize myself with EBird.

threecollie said...

Joated, alas, I think mine has moved along. Didn't see him either yesterday or this morning. Oh, well, it was exciting while he stayed.

Cathy, such weather. Not unexpected, of course, but yesterday was much more like March than April. Lordy, I hope it is nice Saturday. The girls and I are going to be alone with everything and that is hard enough without bad weather.