Saturday, April 20, 2013


All this past week I found myself turning to the news first in the morning. Before blogs, before social media sites, before that much-needed first cup of coffee. That is not exactly my norm. (I did turn to the sunrise before that, if there was one but.....)

 Can't help comparing the way this situation was played out to what I read in Killing Lincoln last summer.

Technology is scary, wonderful, but staggeringly powerful, an amazing tool for law enforcement, but a potential nightmare in the wrong hands.

How quickly would they have caught Booth in the era of cell phones and security cameras? What heads would have rolled? And how would it all have been spun and spiraled and macramed to support various ideologies? You have to wonder.

Meanwhile in farm life, the show must go on. Lucky came through her trial by mean cows just fine. However, despite the rain we put her outdoors for the night with the heifers. It was plenty warm and we figured she would be better off on dirt where she could be more comfortable.

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