Friday, May 10, 2013


No, not the Mets, although they usually are...either amazingly good or equally awful...but we won't go there.

Nope, amazing May. Is there any month that is more spectacularly...well....spectacular?

Sun just creeping up at 5:30. Air chilly and damp, but sweetly redolent of the Winesap apple tree blooming outside the back door. 

You HAVE to leave the door open to the bird song and foggy chill, you just have to. How could you shut all that glorious out? And in a couple of hours it will warm up enough to open all the other doors too..... Put on a sweatshirt if you're cold.

Robins on the porch hatched yesterday, welcome news indeed, as they do not like sharing and I do like setting plants out, and sweeping up winter debris, and arranging chairs in a harmonious fashion. I am not going to cry when they are fledged.

Until they lay the second batch of eggs. And the third. Oh, well, last year they eventually got used to me and came in and out as if I weren't even there. Maybe this year they will settle down again. Flighty little beasts though.

All through the day the panorama of amazement continues. Towering clouds puffing across the sky, giving a proportionate sense of just how expansive it really is. New birds one after another, new songs from the front field, new flashes of color from the trees above the lawn. New passersby way, way up high, where you can barely see them unless you look really hard. Questing north, always north...

The cows are slowly shedding out their winter woollies, turning all sleek and shiny, and recalcitrant. Oh so very. Oh, well, just like the damnfool robins they will settle down in time.

Nightfall comes late and slowly, with the sun usually still up when chores are done. And then you get to pick asparagus on the way in from the barn and saute it in butter and have it all by yourself, because nobody else in the house likes it..... Yep, May is amazin' and I wish it lasted all year. 


joated said...

Lovely month--so far. Could be a tad warmer during the day, but I'm not complaining.

As for the Mets they can be amazingly good and amazingly bad in the same 9 innings. *sigh*

Woodswalker said...

Talk about Amazin'! That's what I would say about this post. You make me want to just move in with you in your amazin' life and your amazin' ability to appreciate the joys that surround you.

Anonymous said...

I guess we wouldn't appreciate the peaks as much if we didn't have the valleys of life.

Great Post!!

Cathy said...

I've just come back from a day birding on the edge of lake Eire . .

I saw lots of birds, some pretty rare . .

but I didn't encounter anything as lovely as this piece.

threecollie said...

Joated, looks as if it is going to get chilly next week, alas. True dat about the mets. Been a fan since I was a little kid but...

WW, thank you so much for your kind words. I guarantee you would not be bored if you did move in. lol

jan, that is true. I am up for some peaks today. lol

Cathy, thanks! I would love to know what you saw so I could be vicariously thrilled.

Cathy said...

Well, you get the wood warblers stacking up on the edge of Laker Erie before their big push to get to the other side. They feed all day on the midges which, of course, are fortuitously hatching during the migration.
They just charm your socks off. My fav is the Canada. If you sat down to design 'whimsical' . . . you couldn't do much better.

threecollie said...

Cathy, wow, that is really cool. I am studying on the warblers, but I admit to not knowing a lot of them yet. Never seen a Canada.

Cathy said...

Tell you what, though. It was so dang crazy on the boardwalk at Magee Marsh that I headed out to the beach and just observed a Northern Flicker pecking on a piece of driftwood. Wonderful bird. As I wrote to friend:It's a bird that if you sat down to design patterns to delight with their variation . . . colors that are subdued merging with dazzling . . . . well, you'd have trouble topping it.