Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dog Shaming

If you are on Facebook with us, you already know that when the boss and I let Nick out  this morning, he immediately took off.

All four of us called and looked, and looked and called, sometimes in relays, sometimes all at once. For hours.

 We called the shelters and called the dog warden and even asked our milk truck driver to keep an eye out on his way down our road.

We walked the old horse pasture. The heifer pasture. The front field. Lawn. Bike path and both sides of the road for a long way in both directions.

We looked under all the porches. Under thousands of bushes. In the pond. In the well. In the creek. In the neighbor's hayfield. In town. In the housing development next-door.

He vanished at about 6 this morning. Sometime around 11:15, while the three of us were in the house charging dead cell phones and grabbing some belated breakfast he magically reappeared. 

Becky looked out the window and shrieked. There he was, the old &^%%$#@.

Right next to the garden pond, looking up at the bird feeder. Hale and hearty, if wet, and certainly much better off than we were after all those soggy, miserable hours of hunting for him.

I want to thank all the nice folks I talked to on the phone this morning, the kind people at both shelters, the dog officer, the good friends who shared my wanted poster, and especially my daughters and husband who willingly and uncomplainingly joined the search. So thank to all of you!


Anonymous said...

That has to be one of life's most harrowing experiences. Do they just do it to find out how important they are to us?

Cathy said...

And I want to thank you for these teary eyes.

Once you've loved a dog . . . there's no hope for your heart.

June said...

Well, HE knew where he was!

A. Montgomery said...

I'm so gland you found him safe and sound. Love you

threecollie said...

Jan, it was horrible. I could have accepted finding him hit on the road or something. It would have been painful, but I could have lived with it. But NOT to find him at all, I don't know how I could have lived with it. My animal-responsibility bone is overgrown, and when anything is wrong with any of them, I barely sleep. It was so wonderful when the old fart came back. He didn't know what all the fuss was about and he is really ticked about being leash-walked now.

Cathy, becky and I both cried. No lie. What a relief!

June, he may have indeed. he was pretty darned smug when he came home, although he is kind of stiff and achy today. And NOT happy with the leash.

Terry and Linda said...

Oh! My! Heavens! What a horrible scare! They just don't get how bad it could be...they are just off on an adventure. Shudder! I'm so glad he is safe!