Saturday, May 04, 2013

More of the Same

As yesterday...apologies that is. Sorry if I gave the impression that the boss is incapacitated by all his insults and injuries. I didn't mean to. He has broken his nose a lot in the past and this is  a relatively minor one. Gross, when he flops it back and forth, driving everyone away from him, but not too painful I guess. He just isn't supposed to do any heavy lifting for a couple of days but he has a wife and daughter for that so all is good. Thanks for all your kind wishes.

On the good news end of things both kids made it home all right, albeit late as heck. Liz's flight was diverted to DC, which made it really late when she hit 'Cuse, but her truck started all right and I got a text around 1:42 saying she was home.

So all is well...just a bit busier and crazier than usual. Cows are contributing heavily to that. They do not want to come to the barn. They do not want to come into the barn. They do not want to go into their stalls. They do not want to be milked, bothered, touched, looked at closely, or in any way disturbed in their pursuit of sunshine, greengrass, and freedom.
Takes 45 minutes just to get them in to milk them. This will all subside in a few days as they settle into a new routine. 

Cows are creatures of routine, and heaven forbid you mess with that. They normally charge inside like a good old western stampede, because they love their grain. With all that grass, grain is just, meh, why they don't.

Walking on the weird side, the tube feeder was full of pine siskins this morning. I went out to take a pic, but Nick scared them away..which is surprising as they are usually as tame as chickens. Maybe they will come back later.

I love to watch the grackles try to eat from the tube. Great, big, Mafioso-birds, they lose all their dignity, juggling around, trying to get on the perches. Half the time they are upside down. Then they sit on the clothesline all puffed up, smoothing down their feathers and trying to pretend to be cool.

Anyhow, you are all the best, thanks. I am sure things will return to what passes for normal in the near, or near-ish, future.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear a broken nose is not as excruciatingly painful as I imagine it to be.

Hope the ladies can establish a routine they will enjoy.

Terry and Linda said...

I'm so glad his nose isn't as horribly painful as I imagined it must be.

As for the cows and green grass and sunshine...I SOOOOOOOOOOOO UNDERSTAND! I feel the same way!


joated said...

Who knew that cows could get cabin fever? Now that the sun is out and it's warm and the grass is growing...I want to stay outside too.

joated said...

BTW, how is heavy lifting affected by a broken nose? Or vise-versa. You sure the Boss isn't just taking advantage of you guys? ;-)

Cathy said...

OK. That wiggling the nose business . . hubby and I go into crisis mode with a paper cut. We are wusses.

As for the cows: Who knew? They've got the same affliction shared by all us Northerners.
Love the grackle description. Perfect.

threecollie said...

Jan, both of my guys have broken their numerous times. both of them love grossing us out with them. ugh.

Linda, they are sure nuts this time of year. And sunburned teats are a problem too. they will calm down...maybe by July. lol

Joated, he had two teeth out the same day. Dentist told him no lifting. He is pretty lousy at compliance though. You would have laughed last night. Becky's night off so wienie me was rolling out the hay. I CAN do it. Slowly. Suddenly the bale started popping right down the manger, easy as pie. My son-in'-law was pushing...with ONE hand. Men. lol

Cathy, it is so gross. Alan does it too. I don't think Becky has ever had her nose broken. Liz and Alan have a lot though. The damned tails. I had mine broken once. I did NOT demonstrate how disgusting it is. They are sick. lol And thanks