Saturday, May 04, 2013

Now You See Them

Now you don't. 

The boss took the skid steer out today fixing fence. He needed to get some rosebushes out of the fence. While he was at it he decided to push out this gigantic clump of them that was growing in the middle of the field. It was good to see them going.


Rev. Paul said...

Good work, that.

Terry and Linda said...

Those little skid steers are just the ticket for lots of jobs. Now that pasture looks PERFECT!


Jeffro said...

Must be feeling better! I love running those little thangs, just wish I ran one enough to be good at it!

threecollie said...

REv. Paul, so great to see them outta there! They have been a plague for years.

linda, usually he just doesn't have time to go after them, so they really got out of hand. Yesterday he just took time. Hooray!

Jeffro, he is although now he has a nasty cold. he doesn't let much stop him. You know, I cannot drive one. I have tried, and I just get completely chicken when they start to spin and tilt. I can drive a 5088 with a chopper and wagon...KI can even back them up. I can chop in fact and used to do most of the hay. I have baled. I am good at raking, tedding, and many other tractor jobs. I am scared spitless of a skid steer and admire the fellows and their mad skills on them.