Thursday, May 30, 2013

Regular or High Test?

Carlene, about twenty minutes before it started

Storms that is...

Last night was something, oh, yes indeed. We went out to do chores early, because the milk truck driver called to say he would be picking up right after night milking instead of some time between day milkings. We needed to be done for him, so he could pump off the milk and we could get the tank washed.

Liz heading home after all the fun

Good thing we did. All day there were threats of bad storms and last night we got 'em.

Becky JUST got off the hill with the herd, maybe three minutes before the rain began driving down like a marching army. In fact I had to go let Blitz through the gate...she always lingers...and got drenched.

Then the sky turned black and yellow like an old bruise and all hell broke loose.

We went ahead an milked, because we simply had to, but I didn't spend any time leaning on metal stall dividers or touching the pipeline. I did keep calling the boss over to look out the door at the heifers in the yard. All their white spots looked green in the weird light. 

And we all know what that means. Liz checked her phone and saw that there were tornado warnings all over the region.

Then the lights began to flicker. I called for everybody to gather up all machines...we were almost done...and get them on the high-producing cows at the end of my line, Asaki, Cevin, etc. We did just that...wanted to hustle and get them milked before the power went out and all.

And then it stopped.

The sun came out. 

The rain slowed to a trickle and everything was done......we lucked out and got the regular variety of storm, lots of thunder, lightning and wind, but no harm seemed to be done.

Just a lot of a tantrum in the sky.

Other areas weren't as lucky. Check out that video at the second link. Wow! 

So we got just a regular storm, but plenty of high test examples hit all around us.

The sky after the storm


lisa said...

We basically got the same thing. I was expecting hail and high winds and a really bad storm but we got lucky and the wind was a little high and poured buckets of rain but lasted for about five minutes and it was done.

Rev. Paul said...

Just more of the exciting lives of farmers, that most folks never even think about. Also, I love the next-to-last photo.

Terry and Linda said...

WHEW! I'm am so glad you live on a hill!


threecollie said...

Lisa, we really lucked out judging by photos I've seen.

Rev. Paul, never a dull moment. I hate milking during a thunderstorm, but it happens all the time because they tend to show up in late afternoon. I have been shocked hard, twice by nearby lightning and I don't like it much

Linda, we are too, when storms like this roll through.