Monday, May 13, 2013


Farmers, old and new

Mother's Day was wonderful. Saw all our offspring. Visited mom and dad. Found a few hours to read Becky's new books, which is a favorite Sunday pastime. 

Received some lovely flowers, such esoteric substances as algae killer for my pond, and Off! for my tick repelling efforts. A plastic peacock of much cuteness. A touching card from the world's most adorable grandbaby. An answering more missed calls. Our boy is safe back in Virginia after a lightning trip home to visit.

Speaking of lightning. A big strike did us a bad a couple weeks ago and toasted our phone along with a bunch of stuff in the barn, including the agitator motor.

 Received kind words from all sorts of places, some all the more poignant for being utterly unexpected. 

Now it's back into the fray. The weather has turned off cold and just plain nasty. Freeze warnings a bit to the north for this morning and the same for here tonight. Hoping the apple trees and lilacs make it. Ours are in riotous bloom and smell wonderful even against the tang of Arctic air. It would be an awful shame to have a late hard frost kill them, and worse still for the orchards all around us. Their livelihood depends on stable weather.

It has been suggested to the boss that he might cut us up some firewood. He keeps us womenfolk permanent hostage to the weather by only bringing wood in some of the time. I can build and tend a mean fire and have since I was maybe eight years old. However, I am not starting to study chainsaw 101 at this stage of my life.

 And to think that last week I was going to suggest that he shut off the pumps that circulate water from the stove to the furnace plenum downstairs. Nope, not yet, too soon, too early, brrr....


Breezey375 said...

Well dang me! I do take awesome photos!!!

joated said...

I turned our heat off last week. The log home is tight and retains heat well, but this windy, cold blast had things down into the 50s inside (30.5 outside on the deck) so it was time to stoke up the fireplace for a spot of warmth.

For this to arrive just as the apples and lilacs are starting to bloom is cruel, to say the least.

I've kept my eyes on the forecast though so my tomatoes are not yet in the ground. Just hope the 4" tall snap peas survive. And to think I was wondering if it was too warm for them last week when it hit 70 degrees!

Anonymous said...

This cries out for a comment about Global Warming, but I'll restrain myself.

Rev. Paul said...

We've approached normal high temps recently (didn't quite get there), but are expecting another cool-down over the next few days.

Winter is a stubborn thing, this year.

Linda said...

We've had it hot with a wind fire please! I refused chainsaw 101 too and wish I'd have skipped oil changes 101 as well.

threecollie said...

Beck, you do indeed

Joated, you seem to get even worse than we do!

Jan, I often think about that, especially as we limp through this fickle season. But they will just call it climate change if it gets too cold. lol

Rev. Paul, we haven't even felt much urge to get any garden in. Even on the warm days there is a sense that winter isn't done with us.

Linda, I did learn the oil changes, but I avoid em just the same. You can send some hot if you want to. I was in shorts and thin shirts and happy with it and now it's back to sweats and vests.

Cathy said...

Awww . . you're a lucky mom to have all your kids around you if only for a day. Very sweet.
Luckily that cold spared all our blooms. I went to bed worried, and woke up relieved :)