Wednesday, May 08, 2013

That Golden Thing and Green Onions

Stop the calendar, I want to get off. To my way of thinking this is the perfect time of year, so of course it is flowing by like the rapids of a raging river. Whee....what a ride! Rocks 'n' all.

Sun has been racing north each morning, speeding toward the Adirondacks apace. I try to make time each morning to stop and savor it for a bit....

 Our boy came home last weekend and went up and paid my whole camp rent in advance. I had been worrying because we hadn't gotten our reservation yet and the cabins go fast.... What a sweet kid, to do something like that for me....I am still kinda stunned.

And really happy not to have to worry about that any more.

Adding birds apace too, as the migrants return. Suddenly the bushes are full of yellow warblers; chipping sparrow on the tube feeder, grey catbirds in the shrubbery. (No herring though.) I put the Norfolk Island Pines out on the porch. They can take a small frost and I was sick of trying to water them indoors. Gave them a real serious dunking once they were out there, which they much needed.

Started Liz a big pot of walking onions. She lives in a rental home, so it will be better for her to have them growing that way.

I just love those things. I was given a bunch when I was in my early twenties and have carted them from place to place ever since. A couple of years ago I discovered that they will thrive in any sized pot indoors. Thus I use dollar store hanging baskets and bring some inside every winter for cooking. We don't like the taste of strong onions, so having a constant supply of green onions is wonderful.

This winter I grew them right in the kitchen, in a not very bright window, and they did great. I put my pots outdoors on the ground over the summer and they grow fine until I bring them in in the fall.

If you like green onions, gotta gettchu some if you can.


lisa said...

Glad that Liz had you do that for her. Matt tried pawning more off on her but she refused. I hadn't thought of bringing them into the house. I will have to try that this year when winter starts heading our way!

ellie k said...

I have never heard of this onion, is a regional thing?

Rev. Paul said...

Attaboy to Son, and those onions sound great.

NumberWise said...

You gave me some of those walking onions years ago, and they're wonderful! They keep spreading out onto the lawn, so we mow them down regularly. I love watching them do their Egyptian thing and make the little onions at the top.

threecollie said...

Lisa, she hadn't thought of growing a great big pot of them....I already put my hops in the ground so I used one of your big tree pots.

Ellie, Try Googling walking onions or tree onions or Egyptian onions. I have never seen them in a plant nursery though. They just seem to spread from hand to hand.

REv. Paul, I love them, can't eat the regular kind, but these are mild and tasty.

NW, I am so glad that you enjoy them. And congrats again on your hummer