Monday, May 13, 2013

This is Ridiculous

Liz and I have been working all day at the mandatory milk house and barn cleaning that comes along every once in a while. Call it spring cleaning if you will, although dairy producers have other names for it.

Anyhow, it involves a lot of water, and scrubbing, and changing of plastic and rubber parts. We have had the boss running around buying those things.

We came in a few minutes ago for a short coffee break and on my way in from the barn I filled the stove with wood, preparatory to building a fire so the house plants...and the people...don't freeze tonight when it gets really cold.

And it was sleeting! Not a little sprinkle or a spritz of over-sized snow flakes. No, this was a full-fledged assault of great, big, icy balls of white junk. I could barely see.

The next person that tells me that we really can't expect spring in the Northeast until May is going to get pelted with a snow ball.....after all.....

It IS May!


joated said...

I hear ya!

Rev. Paul said...

AccuHunch tells us we could have snow showers over the next few days, with lows dipping just below freezing.

This isn't funny anymore.

Terry and Linda said...

Goodness! And all those lovely blooms! I am extra tired of winter this year, although I always get tired of winter. This year he way over stayed. Now we are hot...that's okay..I'll take it. I'm tired of cold.


Ruth said...

We had sleet this morning too, though not as bad as you're describing *sigh*

Jeffro said...

What is this Spring of which you speak? None of this going from freezing to sixties and seventies for us, nope, we gotta go straight to the nineties.

Guess I ought to be used to it by now......

lisa said...

We have been known to get snow in May! We were out cleaning stalls when it decided to sleet! Crazy weather!

threecollie said...

Joated, sure is a pain in the neck!

Rev. Paul ice on the buckets this morning, bah humbug

Linda, I am not crazy about the heat either, but this is ridiculous! lol

Ruth, it only lasted a few minutes and didn't stick, but I couldn't believe how big the pellets were. Almost hail!

Jeffro, we had that warmth the past couple of weeks and now all the fruit trees are in bloom. Hoping they didn't take much harm last night.

Lisa, and it froze hard in June a couple of years ago. ugh