Thursday, May 09, 2013

Welcome to the Funny Farm

What...?!!?? I'm just trying to keep you safe...what are you laughing at???

Liz brought Ren down today. Landlord problems...they are going to be moving soon I guess.

Anyhow, she was noodling around the kitchen, enjoying lots of pets, and driving Gil (in his crate) up the wall.

Suddenly she began to bark franticallywith her little, white muzzle pointed toward the chair in the corner.

"OMG, OMG, Woof woof, woof," (there is a photo of a border collie on the tin I keep my garden seeds in.) "OMG!! Strange dog, strange dog!!! Alarm, alarm!"

Whatta nut.

And what unusual visual capabilities for a canine.

We have had dogs that watched TV. Mike did and tried to bite all the bad guys, especially those with guns. There are still scars on the screen of the one Ralph watches, from him saving us from evil.

But to recognize a photo on a metal can.... unprecedented among dogs I've been around.

She is lying under the table right now, growling and grumbling at it.


Paintsmh said...

What can i say my dog is special

joated said...

Good dog Ren! Good dog!

Alert and aware as always. (Eye sight might need to be recalibrated and coordinated with the nasal passage, however.)

(Guess you'll have to rig up one of those teapot cozies to cover the tin when Ren is about.)

Cathy said...

No way, no way, No Way!!


lisa said...

Such a nice mom to take care of Ren for the daugter and son in law! Its too bad that they have to move but yet at least it is in the summer and not the dead of winter!

Anonymous said...

You just never know what can go on in the tiny fertile brains of a dog.

Terry and Linda said...

What is cool dog! I always enjoying getting to know dogs...they have so much personality!


threecollie said...

Liz, she is indeed

Joated, I feel safer now, just knowing she is protecting me from squash and pumpkins and tomatoes. lol

Cathy, she really did. I could not believe it!

Lisa, she was just vising this time, but she is welcome to stay if it comes to that. I really like her

Jan, this morning has proven that ever so truly. lol

Linda, same here. I love reading Fuzzy and Boomer every Friday. I feel as if I know them.