Saturday, May 11, 2013

Where the Air Smelled Like Snakes

"We'd shoot with our pistols."

Well, actually I don't have a pistol and the air smells like lingering maple, burgeoning apple blossoms, and tantalizing lilacs, so sweet, that you feel as if your feet are going to lift right off the ground like Wimpy when he smells a hamburger. I swear, sitting on the porch yesterday, I could feel my toes quivering.

Anyhow, I was retrieving a wheelbarrow basin that was being used to hold down a canvas and when I lifted it up I found this little guy.

He was really tame, perhaps because he is getting ready to shed his skin...or so I suspect judging by the not-so-bright eyes and the nicks and tears around his scales. I've always liked all things herptile and this little guy was a delight to me.

We are fortunate to live on the wrong side of the river for poisonous snakes, so I can enjoy this little garter snake without a bit of nervousness.


Rev. Paul said...

"But empty pop bottles is all we would kill."

I love anybody who can work a John Prine reference. :)

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, that goes both ways. lol My brother got me liking him and Paradise is my daddy's favorite song.

A. Montgomery said...

Is this the one from your graduation party that got loose from your aquarium? Don't remind Aunt Bev. Sometime you should tell that story!
Love Mom

Jeffro said...

Ahhhh, John Prine. Good work!

I'll never be sympathetic to snakes. It's probably one third rattlers to the rest - garter and bullsnakes - here on the prairie, but that's one third too many for my tastes.

Cathy said...

Nice pictures which happily don't feature a pit:)I'm getting better as I age about not being reflexively afraid of critters. I'm now cool with spiders and a little less wary of snakes.

threecollie said...

Mom, I think i have told it a time or two. An awful day at the time, but hilarious in retrospect. Don't guess I've changed much. lol Love you

Jeffro, if any percentage of the snakes we come across were poisonous, believe me, I would not be photographing them this way. However, despite a world famous den of rattlers on the other side of the river, I have never seen a poisonous snake, except dead on the road or in the zoo. Luckily. I have friends who live over there....they are a whole nother story. lol

Cathy, not fond of spiders, but I have been dragging frogs and toads and salamanders, and yes, many snakes, into the house all my life. Actually I have learned, since the advent of my beloved camera, to let them bloom where they are planted. However, there was a really big garter snake that got loose at my graduation party. If you want to clean out a houseful of aunts and great aunts and grandmas I highly recommend it. lol

Cathy said...

Ahahahahahahhahaaa! I'd have been leading the pack.