Friday, June 14, 2013

A Miss is as Good As

The tornadoes in Virginia and Maryland missed our boy. Thanks to the hills the flooding missed us. The power went out for a while, but not long, the driveways may never be the same, but for the moment the sun is shining and I am grateful. I think the cows are too, grazing as if it were their job.

Oh, wait.

Not a happy camper when that mean old lady went up to the building to get the brush nippers.


TenMile said...

Three Collie: I know I usually find some humor in these pages. This time I'm kinda dead serious. How old is the barn in the pictures, Amish built? Mortise and Tenion? Few nails, mostly fit well. Which/who commissioned it or built it?

The Mennonites in this are occassionaly build that way.

Rev. Paul said...

Glad the flooding missed you!

Terry and Linda said...

I am so glad all of you are safe!!!


threecollie said...

Ten Mile, I don't know too much about the barn. It is a three bay machinery storage shed basically, set on concrete and stone piers. The whole two farms that we have are among the older ones in the area, with the home farm being the site of one of the earliest cheese factories in the state. I have a few more pics I took that day and I will get some more and share them. Definitely predates the Amish in the area by many decades

Rev, Paul, we were pretty fortunate!

Linda, thanks!