Friday, June 21, 2013

Calla the Wild

See the yellow baby on the left?

All day long this nest full of baby Baltimore Orioles peeps and chortles and cheeps and chuckles. All day. Because bird song is like crack to me they at the same time offer me great enjoyment, while driving me crazy.

Importuning the dad on the left?

I don't think I will be suffering this fine dichotomy very long, as from the size of them they will be fledging any day now. Doesn't that seem like a fitting way to celebrate the beginning of summer? 

Dad doesn't like me much!
 Gotta get a couple of oranges!

The Baltimore Stink Eye


Rev. Paul said...

Wonderful pix, like always. :)

A. Montgomery said...

They are so beautiful, and their song is so distinct. We used to have them in the big maple, but now that tree is gone. The birds left long before we took the tree down. How I miss them!

Caroline said...

Is there any finer engineering than an oriole's nest? I miss seeing them, they don't favor piney forest trees.

Cathy said...

Well . . . if ya gotta go crazy . . can't imagine a more delightful catalyst.

Have I called you a Lucky Ducky, recently?

Happy Summer!

Terry and Linda said...

What a beautiful bird! I am enjoying my new birds, but they are draining the feeders so I had to order some just for them.


threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, coulda used more zoom, but thanks

Mom, i love having them around!Not hearing them much any more now that the babies have flown the coop, but once in a while you will get an alarm call or two. Love you!

Caroline, I love the way this bunch used a few threads of blue tarp material. Good, strong stuff. That nest just waves and sways all day long. Can't believe how it is so close to the house.

Cathy, thank you ma'am, and a happy summer to you too!

Linda, yours are so cool!!!! And coming to the feeder. Wow!