Friday, June 28, 2013


The world has gone nuts. Everything is nuts. Last night it rained so hard that Liz's tomatoes are now hydroponic. (They did  not start out that way.) They were still in seed starter trays on the front porch UNDER the roof overhang. They looked kinda flat this morning so I went out to find that everything on the porch is about drowned....guess I won't have to cart much water out there today for all the formerly thirsty plants.

The sumac bushes are all flattened too. They will pop back up but they look like a whirlwind went through. Creek is snarling at its banks and it is dark and dank and gloomy. Not unlike the people here.

We had all sorts of political celebrities visiting just up the road yesterday. Lots of good photos ops what with the crashed trains...and yes, there were two, which somehow collided. I don't think any of the politicians had anything to contribute to the situation, but how could they pass up a convenient disaster like that? Front page coverage just for flying in and walking up the road looking all brisk and in control.

 Lots of rice and such spewed around soaking up rainwater over there today....I feel sorry for the clean up crews.I remember my grandpa telling stories about a train derailment up near Yosts that featured a lot of crates of strawberries, some of which were shared out among bystanders....don't think I would want any of that rice.

Barn check is done. No new babies today. Wednesday's little guy is tiny, but we raised two of those itty bitty ones last year and they have done good. One went to our hay guy and the other is fattening for fall for Liz 'n'Jade.

Meanwhile the rain hit about twelve hours later than predicted, so the guys worked on the chopper and put the baler back together. I made 11 pints of strawberry jam, which I just put in the freezer. It made for a long day, but come winter, oh, how worth it it will be.
And I will leave you with this outrageous bit of news from a FB friend in Canada, where the rain is even worse than here. Folks there are already having a bad time, without their own government turning against them.

Canadian Mountie Gun Grab. That story is NOT about people's valuable guns being kept safe for them. It's about the Mounties being scared of the citizens they are stopping....for 8 days....from going home.

***more happy news. Liz couldn't get through Fort Plain so we are going to be short of help this morning. What a delightful summer we are having.


lisa said...

Fort Plain is flooded and they are looking for boats to save people. Not good at all, I heard it from my daughter, I would like to know why the news can't do the news like they should.

Cathy said...

Sorry about the mess, TC.

"Nuts" is as good a word as any.

And this is perfect:

"Front page coverage just for flying in and walking up the road looking all brisk and in control."

threecollie said...

Lisa, I was shocked by how slowly news agencies picked up on it. Liz was calling us to let us know she might not make it down here at least an hour before anyone reported it online or on TV

Cathy, thanks, they sure don't stop by any other time....