Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Enough and More Than

We have water running in places I haven't seen water since the big floods. It is actually getting a bit scary. The long range forecast calls for more rain, long-term chilly weather, and more rain and more rain. There isn't a sign of even a two-day dry spell in the predictions anywhere. 

It is time to be putting up hay.

Last night at chore time there was a good-sized box elder tree lying on top of the gate down from the pasture. Took the skid steer to get it off. We have had no appreciable wind. It just toppled over from the weight of the wet leaves and the saturation of the ground.

Got nuthin more. Just rain.


joated said...

We had some swirling, squirrely winds over here north of Utica. The high clouds were heading northeast while the low clouds were heading west at one heck of a clip! Trees were bending first one way and then another as the rain poured down. All. Night. Long.

lisa said...

We don't even have our garden in yet! Seems like when the rain comes it don't want to stop!

Ruth said...

We're not much better, though at least no trees have gone over yet......the ground is so incredibly saturated.

A. Montgomery said...

Montgomery's Lake is back in the field next to us. The drain must be plugged. I hate to think of us having a flood we are so high and most of the time dry, but this rain keeps on coming. Love you. Mom

Rev. Paul said...

My grandpa (a farmer all his life) called it "too 'nuff or too none".

I'm sorry you've got the "too 'nuff" going on.

Anonymous said...

I totally wish we could take some of your rain. It hasn't rained here since early March.

threecollie said...

Joated, even in 2006 when the big floods hit I don't think we had weather like this. it is nothing but weird!

Lisa, same here! I'd like to at least plant some squash and beans, but the bad weather makes every single thing take twice as long.

Ruth, I am sure we will lose, or have lost, more. The ground is absurdly saturated. Water is bubbling up out of the ground right over in the side yard! Egads!

Mom, I was hoping for a dry-ish spring. Just some time to get the hay in and garden planted. Guess not. Hope Lake Montgomery recedes and soon. Love you too!

Rev. Paul, I love to see old farmer sayings like that. They tend to be much more accurate than the best of modern meteorology.