Friday, June 07, 2013

Fluffy Cows-You can Grow Your Own

Not fluffy

Fluffy cows are actually beef bulls fluffed up for the show ring. When I first saw them taking over the Interwebs I didn't get it, because beef show "club" calves have looked that way forever.

However I guess only folks who read beef magazines or go to shows have seen them before. Kind of a western thing. I have always read trade magazines, even before I was a farmer, because my uncle was a farmer and I read them at their house, so I'm pretty used to them. 

But they are cute.

For hairy cows that is. (Does all this hair make my butt look fat? Why yes it does and that is the point.)

Here's how to make one for your very own. Seriously, go check it's all in the grooming.

Read more about them here

And some explanations of the concept from the guy who owns the famous ones here.

And a discussion of some concerns about inevitable anthropomorphism here.


June said...

I was already overwhelmed by the time I got to "...wash out the adhesives so you can put them in the next day..."

I don't do that to my own hair.
I guess it shows...

Terry and Linda said...

I love looking at your cows...makes me miss cows even more!


lisa said...

I love it when the cows are all fluffed out!

threecollie said...

June, even having showed dairy cows, I can barely imagine the work involved in developing these calves. They are nice to look at...

Linda, I love them. But they are sometimes all-consuming....

Lisa, they look pretty cool.