Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Frustrating Fog

Much foggier than this today, no sun to be seen

Flailing furiously away at the Farm Side, belaboring both sides of the Farm Bill debate quite firmly.

Suddenly an uproar of crows drags me bodily away from my workplace and puts me solidly on the front porch (if you know me, you will understand just how solid that can be) camera in hand and ears straining to catch all the local chatter.

Indigo bunting. Check

Common yellowthroat. Check.

Northern cardinal

Song sparrow. Ubiquitous catbirds, I honestly believe that we have at least a dozen of them this summer.


What the heck! A "thing" flies out of the box elder across the driveway. Almost the size and shape of a green heron. Maybe a tad smaller. It flies away on wings that I can hear beating, so it probably isn't an owl. The outline is completely wrong for any hawk.

Small birds pursue, outraged. 

Could it have been the instigator of the crow uproar? 

Maybe, it is certainly something different. Could it have been a crow with no tail at all? I will never know, because the fog is as thick as my winter blankets and as clammy as.....well, as a clam. Dang


Cathy said...

Oh, I love a good bird mystery shrouded with fog.

(PS: I'm lucky to hear three catbirds in an entire summer)

threecollie said...

Cathy, unless it comes back I guess I will never know what it was. We are so surrounded by catbirds it is nuts. Ralph came out on the porch to talk to me yesterday afternoon and one almost flew in his ear. They like to cut corners across it even if I am out there. He was standing in the flight path. Did he ever duck!

Ruth said...

I haven't seen a single catbird yet, go figure!