Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hiding from this Scary World

Look at me, Dr. Kris, look at me!!!!

I stay home.

A lot.

Bull Calves

There is just so much out there. Not that it can't come here, because it can and it does.

But there is so much good stuff here, most of what I need, that I don't want to go out THERE. Has the world changed a lot for the worse or is it just bad news overload?

Everywhere bull calves...this one a much awaited Carnation Counselor 

Don't know, don't care too much. Here is where I wanna be. 

Do you suppose it's because we have so much cool stuff to play with?


June said...

On any given day, I'd just as soon stay home and play with my toys instead of going out . . . THERE.

Rev. Paul said...

In many ways, the 24-hour news cycle & bad news overload is bad for us. Eventually, it colors our perception of everything.

But it's not realistic to ignore it, either. Yeah, the world has changed, but we're all here at this time for a reason. Maintain what we can, while we can - it's what we're supposed to do. :)

Anonymous said...

With all those cool toys at home, why would you ever want to leave?

Cathy said...

" Has the world changed a lot for the worse or is it just bad news overload?"

My friend. If I had a dime for every time I turned to Keith and stated. "It's not our world anymore." . .

Well, I'd surely have accrued enough $ to buy a couple chicken wraps at McDonalds.

And why would you leave that patch of heaven on earth?

threecollie said...

June, I believe it. I should be very, very grateful for this work from home scheme called dairy farming. lol

Rev. Paul, thank you for that thought. It is somehow very comforting.

Jan, work from home-it works for me. lol

Cathy, did things change like this for our grandparents? I don't know. I know my parents feel the same way we do about what is happening now. And speaking of chicken wraps. Do they make them right out there in Ohio. Here in NY no matter which one you order they give you the wrong thing. Not that I eat there very often, but now and then we do and we have only ever ONCE gotten the right thing in a wrap. And Becky works there!

Cathy said...

I've got two answers for you.
First regarding the country. Peggy Noonan's latest:

Those chicken wraps:
Yep. Keith is the one hanging out the window giving our order. He's very serious about his food - so he takes his time explaining. Plus it's a very busy McDonalds down in State Park country in central Ohio. Those young ones get lots and lots of practice.
Dang. It's almost 11PM and I'm starting to drool.