Saturday, June 15, 2013

In the "Cow" Bird Seat

Another lucky miss yesterday. We got about seven sprinkles, while nearby Middleburgh and Schoharie were flooded so badly that the children were stuck in the school for a very long time and the roads were closed.

Meanwhile we had the first really nice day in what seems like a while. As always after a spell of bad weather, the jobs had mounted up and there was a lot to try to catch up.

However, while the catbird was busy, busy, busy, the cows took it easy in the sunshine......


Cathy said...

Pastoral beauty.
i look at these photos and think about hills.
"Flat" might make life easier . . . but the opportunities for loveliness is hugely diminished.

Terry and Linda said...

Those photos are delightful...I love the cows on the hill enjoying fresh grass and good sunshine.


threecollie said...

Cathy, trade offs, always trade offs. I have been terrified on tractors on hills when things went south. i have been stuck in our driveway too many times to count often with babies in tow. But I haven't been washed off the face of the earth yet. Thankfully

Linda, thanks! I can't resist taking pics of them when they silhouette themselves against the sky.