Saturday, June 08, 2013

Show Cows will give you Grey Hair

I'm being followed

Even the retired ones. We have a number of cows due to calve over the next few weeks. As is the case with human mothers, the transition between pregnancy and lactation is fraught with peril. Extra attention to the needs of the expectant mother is of paramount importance.

Thus I have been getting up a long, sleepy time before anyone else to trudge to the barn and check on Lakota and Monday, two of Liz's retired show cows, who are "springing" as farmers say.

And Blitz, another retired queen of the spotlit shavings, who is just being kept down to keep them company. Cows like company.

This lovely, dripping, dark, chilly, gloomy, early April.....oh, wait, it's June....morning, I slogged on over to find the expectant mamas resting comfortably chewing their cuds.

Blitz however, was tucked up in a surprisingly small ball for a cow whose shoulders are about the same height as my head.

By a

Unmoving. I called out, "Hey, Blitz, ya dead?" You know from Cool Runnings, as in "Hey Sanka......"

Nothing. I went up the hill and called again, not laughing this time.

Nothing. Not even an ear twitch.

Dang. On up the hill the rest of the way, slap the side of the old yellow milkhouse for a loud, satisfying bang.

Her head came up slowly and she peered at me owlishly, not unlike a teenager roused from slumber after a busy night.

"What the heck do you want? Can't you see what time it is? Go away."

I did, but not without some head shaking and grumbling about show cows that are so tame that they consider people to be herdmates...and lower echelon herd mates at that, not at all worthy of notice. I sure hope tomorrow, which is supposed to be my morning off, someone else does the daybreak barn check......

Tail Shadow, tail shadow....


joated said...

" tame that they consider people to be herdmates...and lower echelon herd mates at that..."

Well, unless you're prepared to literally butt heads with the prima donnas--and win--you're not likely to rise in their eyes/minds. Maybe if you used a 2x4....

NumberWise said...

"...queen of the spotlit shavings..." That's funny. And the following kitty photos are neat.

Cathy said...

So with you on this weird weather. My peonies are still coming on.

It's interesting that you have to deal with psychology as well as physical health.

Cows are something else.

Hope things 'spring along' in good order.

Terry and Linda said...

Oh, gosh that is so terrifying...I'm glad she was just sleeping.


threecollie said...

Joated, she is gentle, just impervious to our existence. lol

NW, thanks! Pumpkin is such a drama queen. Been thinking of you lately and meaning to call or write...

Cathy, ours are too! I am sitting here in polar fleece...

Linda, she scared the heck out of me. Liz's favorite cow!