Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Snarky wind snorts up dust 

And sneezes over the valley.

Thunder grumbles; trains rumble, 

Sounding louder than normal in this prelude to weather.

The clouds are all piling

Across the horizon.

Getting darker.



Then the wind flexes muscles you'd forgotten that it sported,

The rain turns to torrents and the clouds seem to circle.

Then suddenly as it reared it's scary black head.

It's over, just over, and this flag flies instead.


joated said...

WOW! Nice photo essay/poem! The way things roll through the Mohawk Valley and Adirondacks during the summer is breath taking and you've captured the essence here. Well done!

Cathy said...

Joated got to it first . . but I'm going to 'second' everything he said and add another WOW!


And that pollen! WOW!

Cathy said...

PS. "Dust" . . but I'll bet there's a lot of pollen mixed in with it. We're having a terrific allergy season over here.

Rev. Paul said...

This is too good not to share - linking to this wonderful pictorial & poem.

thepoodleanddogblog said...

Great photo journalism. We never have storms this time of year and somehow it makes me sad that we don't.

Linda said...

I love the first cloud's frame be honest...the whole post could be on a poster.

Terry and Linda said...

I loved this whole post! You are a wordsmith that is for certain! Thank you for the rainbow...I keep waiting here, but nothing so far.


Seth said...

I like that!! Nice piece!!

Floridacracker said...

Great! And how timely!

threecollie said...

Joated, thanks! Seems like for such a cold spring we are getting a lot of big weather.

Cathy, thanks. I didn't think about there being pollen in that mix but since it was just to the lee of all those locust trees I'm sure there was a lot along with cornfield dust. I don't have allergies so I don't notice it. Lucky me. lol

Rev. Paul, thank you so much sir! It was beautiful, if worrisome.

Jan, on one hand I would miss them. On the other hand this tornado thing makes me nervous. Been a lot of them lately and that one dark cloud photo shows actual rotation up in the clouds. Just a little bit, but right next to the house.

Linda, thanks! I finally figured out how to edit cloud shots so they don't just look like a slab of cotton.

Linda, thanks. It was the brightest one I have seen in years. Kinda needed it after that storm.

Seth, thanks!

FC, thank you too sir! Always glad to see that you have stopped by.