Saturday, June 15, 2013

Surprise Pressie

Right outside the back door! Although we have a steady stream of Baltimore orioles eating oranges if we have them, or just hanging around yelling at us if we don't, I haven't seen an actual nest in a long time.

Then the other day when I was standing in the driveway I heard softly twittering baby birds (and they don't even have iPhones!) I looked up in the big old box elder and thought I saw this nest. Today I had some time so I went up above on the lawn and from there you can see it.....barely.....


Cool, huh?


Cathy said...

You've got a piece of paradise there.
Pressie, indeed :)

threecollie said...

cathy, we are surely fortunate in the natural beauty department. I can't believe how close this nest is to the house. It is in the tree where Lizzie ties Ren when she comes to visit.