Thursday, June 27, 2013

Train Derailment

Right across the river from us. The boss actually heard it happen when we were feeding cows this morning. You can find pics at both local newspapers. What a mess! We can see what appears to be one of the cars, that was not actually involved in the collision/derailment from our window on the stairs. Thankfully so far there are no reports of major injuries. 

Recorder News Pics (this is the paper I write for.)

Leader Herald story and pics.


Terry and Linda said...

Terrible! Horrid really!


June said...

When you're waiting for a train to go by, all those containers looks so solid, so indestructible. But look at how they crumple!
I'm glad it wasn't worse.

lisa said...

Glad there were no fatalities!

Cathy said...

Something about trains derailing . . .

All that mass and momentum careening out-of-control.

Miracle when nobody is hurt.

threecollie said...

Linda, and today there is flooding everywhere to the south and west of us. Don't know if Liz is even going to get down here. Called her and told her to bring her dog to stay with us as their basement is flooded and no end in sight to the weather.

June, an absolute miracle that no cars up on 5 were hit by the crashing train cars that went right up onto the road.

Lisa, me too. Amazing that there weren't

Cathy, it truly was just that. Route 5 is busy and fast. That no automobiles were hit by flying train cars that ended up right on the highway is incredible.