Wednesday, July 31, 2013

About Zucchetta

Simply the best summer squash we have ever grown and we have grown quite a few. (Greyzini is a distant second).

 Zucchetta is spectacular. I am not a fan of raw squash, but these are so good, even raw, that it is hard to get them in from the garden to actually cook. Liz cooked up the first of the season yesterday and she said Jade was sneaking out to the kitchen to pick them out of the mix of other squash and vegetables she made.

Read about zucchetta here.

All those jokes about sneaking up and filling your neighbor's car with zucchini or hiding them on the porch? No danger with zucchetta. Liz and I are taking turns picking, and I cannot wait until the next ripe.


Floridacracker said...

Thanks 3C!

Cathy said...

OK. Now you've got my curiosity up. I'm going to have to scramble around at the local farmers' markets.

Terry and Linda said...

Now I want to try some!!!


threecollie said...

Fc, you are most welcome. These are quite long season. I'll bet they would thrive at PF headquarters.

Cathy, hope you find some.

Linda, Pinetree Garden Seeds in Maine has them.