Saturday, July 06, 2013

Bama Breeze

Bama had a baby girl yesterday, and Bling had a half-shorty bull, winding up the latest round of calving. 

Thank God. 

Bless her heart, Bama, a matron of six, has never had a bull calf. This time she was almost two weeks overdue, so our vet suggested we induce labor. I hate doing that. Seems like it is harder on the cow and you end up with problems every time. However, it was easy to tell that the calf was getting huge and we were afraid it would reach a size that she just couldn't manage. so we followed her advice. Mama and baby seem to be doing pretty well considering the heat and all, so I guess we are maybe okay.

Slept in until six this morning with no barn check to do. Which was great.

Anyhow, the new one is a nice little heifer calf by a bull I bought as a calf for the boss for Father's Day many moons ago, Keeneland Astre Pat. K-Pat for short. Kind of a funny story on him. I went to the sale just to get him, but another lady paid an insanely high price for him. I was just packing up little chilluns and getting ready to leave for home when the sale staff announced that he would be resold. 

Seems the other lady forgot to check the plumbing and thought she was getting a heifer. She rejected him out of hand and they put him back through. I got him bought cheap.

Liz suggested this morning when we brought the new one into the barn that she needed a name. As it happens Bama was named by one of our favorite bloggers, Florida Cracker, a particularly fine science teacher from Cedar Key.

So Liz suggested that the perfect name for her is just that- so welcome to the world little Cedar Key.


Cathy said...

Whew. Always nice to know things are OK and there's a sweet little heifer toddling around.

threecollie said...

Cathy, so nice not to have to crawl out of bed at just after dark lets go and go check, heart in mouth about what might be going on.

Terry and Linda said...

Good name! I love the morning when a person gets to really sleep in! No worry thoughts or naggin concern to keep you half awake all night!


Floridacracker said...

Thanks for redirecting me here to this post! Our little island is honored to be represented by Bama's boy!