Monday, July 01, 2013


Looks as if we won't be seeing summer this year. I feel cheated. That "failed to install" meme that has been going around Facebook since winter isn't even funny any more.

Lawn not hay field,

Last night we hated to even go to bed. And did in fact stay up very late. The airwaves and  Interwebs seethed with accounts of road closings, dam failures, and more rain and more rain and more rain. Sirens screamed up and down all the roads....

The front porch is still home to trays of garden seedlings that we can't get into the ground. I did at least shove ten zuchetta rampicante plants into a thickly fertilized (covered in horse manure) bed the boss made me. And a neck pumpkin I grew from save seed from a gigantic one some friends gave us. The former are sorta taking hold. The latter is finally looking good after weeks in the ground.

Once again we are wondering whether Liz can make it down to take care of her animals or get to the farms she needs to visit. When we went to bed last night 5 and 5S were both closed leaving the Thruway as the only route down here.

'And damn'd be him that cries "hold, enough" '

Guess I'm damned because, HOLD ENOUGH! already.


Ruth said...

The only reason most of my garden is in is cause its in very raised containers that I can drain and keep from getting totally swamped. The corn and sunflowers and pumpkins in the ground are swamped, and I don't want to discuss my poor berry bushes. Though I have to say that blueberries get my vote as an incredibly sturdy plant, I'm highly impressed with their ability to hold on and even grow and produce a few berries.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I'm sending prayers

thepoodleanddogblog said...

Wish we could do more than just offer prayers.

Dumb question: why do you use horse manure when you have, you know, more than a few cows who also have the need to evacuate bowels.

Woodswalker said...

And it's raining again TODAY! And probably will tomorrow and tomorrow and again tomorrow. With lethal consequence, too many times. A Hudson River rafter was drowned at Lake Luzerne yesterday, as was a swimmer in the Mettawee. Stay safe.

The Dancing Donkey said...

Guess I'll be damned with you, "Hold, enough!" is right.

Rev. Paul said...

I'm sorry y'all are being inundated with rain; we're having our first warm, sunny summer since 2006. Opposite end of the jet stream, I guess.

Prayers for drier weather sent your way.

Susan said...

Your photo of "lawn, not hay field" looks like my yard in the spring...and almost like my yard at times in the summer. When weekends are too hot or too wet, I have to make a decision about mowing, and it's usually "thumbs down" in favor of other things.


Cathy said...

Those Emerald City photos are so lovely and the only silver lining to the endless rain.

I see that you may get sunshine by Friday.
Prayers and good wishes for Ol Sol's return to your pastures and dooryard.

Terry and Linda said...

You are drowning and lush and green and we are parched, struggle and dry.

Doesn't make any sense.

threecollie said...

Ruth, thanks for the info on blueberries holding in this weather. We are thinking of planting a of these days. I am so glad we don't grow corn any more!

SCMomma, thanks, we are fine, just grumpy and waterlogged, but so many of our friends and neighbors are struggling. We sure are seeing a magnificent influx of politicians!

Jan, thanks. The best reason I can give you for using horse vs cow is that the manure pile for the horses is next to the spot where we put the squash. However, it is also much drier and less messy.

WW, every day I thank God for this hill. The driveways are a mess; milk truck couldn't get in today, but at least we are reasonably safe. My heart goes out to those up in the other end of the county. bad news for them

DD, and more than enough and heaped up and spilling over. Why can't we send it west?

Thank you Rev. Paul. We are okay, if disheartened, but many of our neighbors need all the prayer they can get.

Susan, lol, if it wasn't for our son-in-law, we would need the discbine to cut it!

Cathy, thank you kind friend. If we don't get some hay in pretty darned soon it is going to be a horrible winter.

Linda, the fires! OMG I can barely stand to read about them. I am really grateful to you for explaining about them to me.

Jeffro said...

Sure wish you could box some of that rain up and send it out here.....

It does seem easier to just watch everything wither and die rather than drown, so there is that. I feel for y'all, and think and pray for you often.

Dani said...

So sorry my friend! Sending dry vibes your way.

threecollie said...

jeffro, oh, my, so do I! It breaks my heart to read of the dry places, the fires, the damaged crops and blighted lives from drought. This rain is ridiculous and getting old fast.

Dani, thanks! We are okay up here on our mountain, other than mud and no crops, but our neighbors in nearby towns, OMG, I feel so sorry for them. Floods AGAIN last night all up and down the valley. Same people who were just getting cleaned up got nailed again.

Ruth said...

I've got 3 different varieties of blueberries going. One is a generic plant my MIL got from the grocery store for us, the next three plants are a variety thats supposed to be fairly sturdy (I forget the name though), but the next two plants are a fancy Pink Lemonade variety. And all three types were planted two summers ago, which was also wet, and survived last summer's major dry, and are still doing fine today dispite sitting in an inch of water....I've been highly impresed. They're not HUGE, but they're alive, putting out new shoots, and even producing a small number of berries!