Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eh, If Nothing Else

You can take pictures of the rain


Woodswalker said...


June said...

These photos remind me of something I saw on tv when I was very very young . . . about how Walt Disney's artists watched some slow-boiling viscous liquid to see how to draw falling/landing raindrops.

And I'm so happy you got that Bastet reference in the Peep post!

Cathy said...

You found the silver lining :)

Jeffro said...

Nice to see what it really looks like.

Quite a world, innit? We need rain so desperately, and you are up to your eyes in too much.

threecollie said...

Ww, yesterday was sure a treat!

June, boiling, could say that about this rain and easily.

Cathy, it's always there, even if a bit tarnished

Jeffro, so sad.....