Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Good Vet Check

Our favorite vet visited today to preg check cows. All but two were bred, which is much, much better than expected. Ended up shipping my Northstar cow though and a heifer that had an umbilical hernia.

Didn't really want to sell Norrie, but she has been in milk over a year and we just couldn't get her bred. It happens sometimes. It was a crazy busy day, what with keeping half the herd in for a good part of the day, having first the vet, then the cattle trucker, then feeding double so the whole day's feeding was done at once.

Some of the other cows will soon go dry. They have a good gig that way. The normal lactation period for a cow is 305 days. If all goes well the remaining days of the year are spent just hanging around, eating, and resting. I could do with two months off, couldn't you?

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