Monday, July 22, 2013

I Miss My Lake

Great blue heron,
which would have been perched in the cove,
 just waiting for a photo...if I hadn't dumped the camera bag on the floor.

Loons with chicks, which is incredibly special.
The babies dive and then pop back up like fishing bobbers after you get a bite.

A rocky little island Alan and I fished near

Crows were busy every morning as soon as the sun peeked up

Sleepy kitchen, early in the day


June said...

I miss your lake too.

Rev. Paul said...

What a beautiful place! No wonder you miss it.

CDH said...

What beautiful pics. Love mama & daddy duck and the babes. Looks like a perfect fishing hole too me! I'd miss that too!

Cathy said...

Love all these photos, but Marianne . . look at the synchronicity . . the echoing shapes of the heron and that top sun reflection. You didn't miss the shot !

threecollie said...

June, it is so hard to leave....I stood in a puddle outside the back door for a few minutes this morning....just reminiscing. lol

CDH, thanks! the fishing is pretty good there, sometimes downright spectacular.

Cathy, thanks....I was so mad at myself for dumping the bag in my rush to grab the camera. I heard them come kronking in and wanted a decent close up.

Terry and Linda said...

I love your lake! The kitchen seems just need to rush, take your time...the coffee is fine. Sigh.