Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Warbler Wars

Foggy great crested flycatcher-prolly-coulda been a catbird too

I am so not winning them. Since the first influx of spring migrants there has only been a handful of songs in the yard that I couldn't at least narrow down and then pinpoint as to species. The red-eyed vireo for example. 

Of course there's the exception of the darned fanfare bird, which sounds like someone announcing an exciting horse race. I've spent hours listening to songs on iBird, and Cornell, trying to find that particular song with no luck so far.

However, most of them, from the willow flycatcher to the indigo bunting, are familiar. Been around for years.

Suddenly this week, last of June into first of July, there are new calls all day. I heard at least three totally different songs right in the  backyard yesterday afternoon. I am pretty sure that they are warblers of assorted varieties. Seeing them is pretty nigh impossible with the leaves so lush.

So, I would like to ask you my dear birdy friends, have any of you used the Stoke's guide to bird song? I have the advanced Peterson's, but I find it hard to use.  iBird is great, but you have to get a clue before you get a bird from it.

Birding by ear is a real challenge for me, as I don't have one....an ear that is. Oh, there are protuberances on both sides of my head, which serve well in holding up my glasses, but I have a poor memory for sounds. The whole singing thing failed to install too, but that is another story.

Anyhow, if you have happened to have used the Stoke's, I would love to hear your opinion thereof. Every now and then I get Amazon cards for filling out surveys and the next one could be aimed in that direction if it sounds like a good 'un. (Or I could buy Donald McCaig's Mr. and Mrs. Dog, which has been calling my name for a bit.)


***Notice, I did not use the "F" word anywhere in this post...the five letter one that is, that describes everything about this valley for the past week....at all in this post. Not that it isn't still ongoing. Just that I am going to shut up about it for a minute. Have a good one.


Cathy said...

" . .Oh, there are protuberances on both sides of my head . ."

You're a 'hoot'.

All I ever used was Peterson's.
Haven't used it in a long time, though.

If I have a hunch about a bird song . . I google the bird . . land on the Cornell Ornithology site and listen to their audios.

Like this yellow-throated warbler which, unfortunately, I haven't heard enough to pick it up in the wild:

threecollie said...

Cathy, they come in handy too. lol I do pretty much the same as you, but with my poor memory for sounds it is a terrible challenge when there are a lot of new birds around.I think we may have quite an interesting assortment just here in the yard this summer. Weird how they all showed up so late in the season. I wish the technology had been so available when I was younger, so I had more and better years to learn.

Terry and Linda said...

You gave me a laugh! Happy Fourth tomorrow!