Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bzzz....Like Bees- Ag Bagger for Sale

The hedgerows are abuzz with pollinators of all descriptions, although no honey bees. Haven't seen one of those this year yet. Lots of native bees, wasps, flies, butterflies, moths and hummingbirds though.They simply blanket the flowering cucumber, a dozen species or more at one time, everywhere you look. The pale touch me not drips with bumblebees...I have never seen so many.

And the farm is abuzz with busy people. The guys have been getting the AgBagger out and ready to sell. If you want to buy is in great shape, hasn't made a lot of bags, and we are about done putting up feed that way. Drop me a note.

Meanwhile, I finally got a lot of perennial flowers people sent me planted, whew, I thought that would never happen.

The roof is off the forage wagon, so that can go back into service.

Liz brought home some beans, tomatoes, squash, corn etc. from her Amish friend, so today will involve freezing all of that.



Cathy said...

Busy bees . . . Buzz . . . buzz.. . . buzz .

Great metaphor for Northview :)

threecollie said...

Cathy, this fall it has about reached the point of nuts. lol